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A story in my head

Today, I woke up with a story in my head.
Thought of penning it down,
before it could float away.

I couldn’t.

The pile of incomplete stories smirked at me.
Trying to mock me with its unanswered questions,
and unquestioned answers.
And just as I had thought, the story was lost
For my subconscious realized I was awake.
It made me wonder,
why I left them incomplete?
Maybe the world of stories scared me.
Maybe I was afraid of losing myself.

You ask why?

It is a wonderful world, indeed.
But if I dive too deep, if I let go,
will I ever be able to come back?




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  1. I relate to this. It’s almost as if you’re dreaming (maybe daydreaming) intensely and you get lost and caught up in the story you’ve made up. Then you fear that is too good for you to want to go back to reality, right?

  2. Atleast once ever every​ person would have come felt this. But the way you have penned it is something great. I love the line where u gave life to the dream/subconscious.
    Still I could see the negative touch in this story. . And I liked it a lot.
    Keep writing . .

  3. i loved this, beautiful! and i hope you’re okay! try writing romance, for it may heal the pain, you still might have!

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