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The girl and the pearl

There was once a girl,
who was walking down the road.
Then she saw a shining pearl
in the pond with a smiling toad.
The girl was intrigued,
it was such a peculiar thing.
There never was a pond,
And jewels belonged to the King
So she enquired him.
But the frog refused to answer,
for the tale was so grim.
But the girl was determined
“Answer me, oh wise one.”
She pleaded and pleaded.
“It would be dark soon.
The sun has almost set
and today is a new moon.
I will get lost in the night”
The frog sighed and began his tale,
The pond and pearl were always there.
and so did every other single detail
Nothing was unusual or peculiar.
For it was  a portal,
between the earth and the other side
And no one mortal
could see it before they died.
The girl gasped in horror,
Silly toad  was telling lies,
trying to scare her,
for she was very much alive.
The toad smiled,
“I am not lying”, he said,
as if reading her mind.
And before she could answer,
Or argue with the toad.
A snake bit her
and she dropped dead on the road.
The pond and the toad disappeared,
and so did the pearl.
The beautiful jewel carried
the girl’s soul.





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  1. Never expected that ending. Still a lovely tale to remember.
    Will be waiting for your upcoming stories . .

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