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The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

I don’t have enough words to describe how much I enjoyed reading this book. I was infact a little sad when it ended.
No more Nina for me. Sigh!

I totally adored the Bookish protagonist of the story. I could relate to her so well. She is a typical empathetic, introverted book geek who likes to keep to herself. She gets anxious a lot and is over organized.
She participates in a lot of book clubs and trivia leagues and barely has time on her calendar. This last one is something I wish that I did myself but sadly I have not found that kind of tribe yet.

What I could relate to the most was how empathetic Nina Hill’s character is. How well she associates with fictional characters in a book.She laughs and cries with them!


I could see so much of myself in these lines.And  then there is this, again it’s so me.


How she feels deeply for other people’s mishaps as  if they were her own. And then she feels bad about feeling that way because these aren’t really her feelings. I have always felt like this and I didn’t know how to describe it. But Abbi Waxman has done a nice enough job here. I m gonna use this term – Vampiring from now on.

This book has a perfect blend of humor , contemporary romance and a lil bit of drama. Reading this book has given me book goals as well cos I have hardly read any of the books that Nina holds so passionately.

And then there are a lot of beautiful quotes in the book, a lot of references from tv series and other books. Here’s one for instance.


So if you are looking for a light read that also takes you back to the roller coaster ride that your life has always been as a reader, an introvert or an empath, this  book is perfect for you.

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