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Spinning Silver

I am reading a lot of retellings these days and I just finished reading this one by Naomi Novik called Spinning Silver, a dark and interesting take on the classic Rumplestiltskin fairytale. Not that Rumplestiltskin stories are ever breezy but I could see several other fairy tale characters here, their stories blending beautifully into the tale told by Naomi Novik

I loved the writing style. I generally don’t prefer First Person Narrative but it suited the theme and story of this book. The Writing slips into one Point of view to other with such an ease, and it is really different for each character. You can easily guess whose pov it is with the very first line.
The plot is unpredictable, utilizing the age old tropes of Winter and Summer but still very different from any other story I have ever read.

The characterization is again brilliant, all the protagonists being strong female characters. The characters feel faintly familiar when you read the story but they are very different from the classic fairy tale characters they are based on. Their fate is bound together and it unravels as you read through the story.

The book does move a little slow but still I would recommend it to all fantasy lovers out there, especially if you like retellings.


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