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So…2018 is ending. 2019 is almost here.

You have been reading/ hearing these words a lot. Another year ends. Now, what does that mean for you?
A fresh start or an end to another beginning? And you wonder how many times you have started fresh, resolving to do things differently every single time. But why is it that you never get around to finish these things, things that you start with such enthusiasm?

Why is it that your head is full of ideas, oh so many of them and yet you can’t seem to concentrate on any single one! Why is it that you are always looking for these new beginnings when you have a plethora of those already sitting under your table or on your wall, screaming and pleading to be done with?

Is it that you are so easily bored?  Or are you just scared to finish them and put it all out in the real world for everyone to see? Open to comments, viewpoints criticism. You don’t take criticism as well as you pretend to, do you?

Or is it just that you are lazy, maybe not good enough? And just like that self-doubt engulfs you in its witty claws. You wanna change your walls, throw away your table and clean up under it. Start fresh, right? And how’s that working out for ya? The pending pile never goes away and you keep putting up your latest on top of it.

So this year, I dare you! Resolve not to start fresh. Resolve to complete. Resolve for an ending. You have had too many beginnings already.


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