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Written by Rainbow Rowell, Illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks.

“People all sort of look the same to me until I talk to them. That’s when they start to get interesting. That’s when they start to shimmer”

~ Pumpkinheads, Rainbow Rowell.

This is such an adorable story that takes you right back (or forward) to October. It’s about two teens Deja and Josiah, who work at a pumpkin patch during halloween every year. This is their last night at the patch and they decide to go on a crazy mission but it doesn’t quite go as they planned it!

I love autumn and all things halloween in general, so this was super fun for me. Plus it’s written by my favourite Ya author, Rainbow Rowell.
The illustrations are just so good, they totally match Rainbow Rowell’s style of writing.They are really expressive and manage to capture the mood and atmosphere really well.
Like this is how I would have imagined the characters if it was just a book written by her.

Having said all that, I have come to realise that personally I enjoy reading books more than graphic novels. I always end up thinking this scene would be more beautiful if it was written rather than illustrated. And I start imagining how it would have been written instead 😂

Rating 3.5*

Image source : My bookstagram

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