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NBC’s Grimm

Now, now. Look what you got yourself into! No regrets, though!

Hello Folks. I used to wonder if anyone even reads my blog but well I have gotten a few complaints about not writing these days. So here I am.
I know, I know… this isn’t what you were expecting, but a girl’s gotta do what she gotta do!

So, last year I spent quite a lot of time watching a TV show. I was pretty much obsessed with it and hence the blog-post…You see, I have always been a lover of fairy tales. Heck, I  even make the stuff I write sound like one(or so I have been told). So naturally, I had to watch Grimm and fall in love with fairy tales all over again.

If you are even a little bit familiar with fairy tales, you must have guessed by now that it has something to do to with Grimm brothers. And it does. But the thing is, NBC ‘s Grimm will not show you the classic fairy tales, not even the Grimm brothers version of it. Grimm has a totally new concept and a different perspective to it all.

Now, why is it even called Grimm?

Well, well! According to NBC’s Grimm, all the fairy tales are real. The Grimm brothers could actually see those characters in the fairy tales and which is why they wrote the books.  Mind you, a normal person like and you and I won’t be able to distinguish between a human and a creature from the books but Grimms could. And any descendant of the Grimm brothers (referred to as a Grimm) might inherit their powers. The protagonist of the story, Nick Burkhardt, happens to be a descendant and he has the power too. Its all a lil bit complicated.

But the important thing is that the books are not just a work of fiction, they are sort of a guidebook for all the Grimms and their descendants, exactly what a book of shadows is for witches.

So it’s basically a tale of adventure along with friendship, love, and morality like all the other things that I usually watch. There is a hero and then there is his gang. Some of us(Humans) and some of them(fairy tale creatures on the good side).  If I say any more than this I may end up spoiling it for you. So I am just gonna say, it’s one of the best TV shows that I have ever watched. I love the storyline, characters, and the soundtracks of all the episodes.

Also, it’s available on Netflix. So if you are a lover of fantasy like I am, don’t even think twice. Just go ahead and watch this show 🙂

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