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I live in a dystopian society.

Just a thought, something that occurred to me while I was silently living my life, watching other people trying to control it as if I were a puppet.

Yes, it works exactly like one of those YA novels. You see the society has a perfect system. You could call it “Utopia”. It is what everyone should follow. It is best if you do so. Or at least they think it is. And maybe they are right. It does work at times but you better not have any hopes or dreams. You don’t want to fall out of the system now, do you?

Oh and you need to do this to make everyone happy, as in everyone who doesn’t give a rats ass about you. They are probably just jealous of you and want to bring you down. But you better not fall out of the system.

If you want to focus on your carrier or go abroad to study, you are falling out of the system. Because they are afraid that you might never come back or worse, meet your soul mate and would marry that person someday.  As opposed to the one they will choose, the one who will fit into the norms of society. Oh and you dare not! You dare not fall in love. They might accept it as long as it fits into the system but honey, what are the chances of that? You will forget all about barriers and rules when you meet a soul that fits with yours. And before you will realize, you will be falling free into the space, right out the system you were prepared for.

And you will realize you were in a YA novel all along.  Now,  are you  supposed to rebel against the dystopian society that labels itself as “Utopia”?  It’s the same right. There are some rules that work for everyone. They have worked since ages. But at what cost?

Freedom. To live, love or dream.




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  1. Exactly.
    And it is even worse for women over here. A man can be rebellious and refuse to “settle down”, he will have to pay a price of course, but women have to fight a lot harder to do the same thing.

    PS: There might be a typo in paragraph 4, line 1, word 8. Shouldn’t it be “career”?

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