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How does she do that?

Sick and tired, I call them.
Nothing extraordinary.
Just my everyday duty call.
I wrap my handkerchief
around my mouth, carefully.
Attempting to hide,
the tiredness from my voice.
I don’t wanna worry them.
I say hello boldly when they pick up.
I don’t wanna sound weary.
It’s my dad.
He asks how my day was, the usual.
And I do my round of questionnaire
Again, the usual.
I am almost happy, that I fooled them.
But then, he hands over the phone
to my mom.
I have only said “hello”
The first question she asks me,
“What’s wrong with your voice? ”
And a second one,
” Do you have a cold? ”
I sigh, thinking how she does that.
So far away and yet she knows.
How does she do that?




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