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Colour you blue?

Clicked at Bay 15 Resort, Goa

What would you do?
When the clouds roll down,
and color you blue?

You would replace the blues in your heart
with the shades of seas and the sky.
You would get yourself a nice warm place,
overlooking the seashores nearby.

And you  would put on
a perfect blue dress,
a gift from a dear friend,
to complement it all.

Because, to you, this is what
heaven would be like.
A little blue, and little more
with freckles of sand, and
occasional rocks on the side.

You could sit here forever,
and listen to those waves.
They seem so chaotic and yet
so calm.
And you wonder why
they are so overwhelmed?
Is it the winds song?
Or the seas’ shore?
What is it that they are after?

You would spend the whole day,
wondering.It would calm
the chaos in your mind.
And you would share all that crosses
your heart and hovers over your brain
with the one true soul.
And the sun would go down the horizon,
with your hands and your souls,
both entangled.




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