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Chapter 1: Dennise confronts them

Dennise walked as quietly as she could, following them close behind. They were laughing about something. She couldn’t exactly hear them, but she could make out a few words.  Words like daligs, bad wolf and what not. Words that didn’t make any sense to her.
She sighed.

She had to do it. Today was the day that Dennise was gonna get to bottom of it. She had her dart gun ready. And they were distracted enough. She was at the ideal distance from them. It was the moment. She fired her gun and they fell to the ground just like that, within seconds.

She had bought that gun from a shady place, she wasn’t sure it would even work. But she had to take that chance. She had no other choice.

Technically, she was kidnapping them but it was the only way she would ever get her answers.

She dragged their lifeless bodies into her car. It was a lot of work for a petite girl like her. She did go to the gym every day but still, it was difficult to drag two fully grown adults all the way back to her car. She did have a stretcher though, she was ready to do this for days. So she had planned everything in advance.


He felt a splash of cold water on his eyes, causing him to wake up. His head hurt like hell.

He found himself sitting on a chair his hands cuffed to a metal pipe. He tried to open his eyes, but everything was hurting. His body wasn’t as strong as it used to be. He was still adjusting to it. When he finally managed to open his eyes he found another chair next to him, but unlike him it’s occupant was still unconscious.

“Rose!” he cried, struggling to free himself so that he could help her.

“Rose Tyler!”. Dennise Morgan came close to him with a gun in her hand. It wasn’t a real gun obviously. But he didn’t have to know that.
“Rose Tyler” She utterd again with a menacing smile. She had them now.

“Who are you?” Her prisoner demanded. “Why have you kidnapped us?”

“Oh! I could tell you that. But what’s the fun in it?”She smiled again.
“What have you done to Rose? I swear if anything happens to her, you would wish that you were never even born.”

He looked at her with so much anger in his eyes. It could shake a person to the core. But she had to keep her act together. She had to find answers

“Oh, would you now? Then I have nothing to worry about. I would become like you. Never born.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Oh! Doctor. Doctor Smith. What are you Doctor of by the way?  Which university did you go to?” Dennise demanded.
“Well. That’s a new one. It’s usually just Who for them. But tell you what IT DOESN’T MATTER. What matters is you have got Rose all tied up and you need to release her NOW.” He shouted.

“You are ignoring my question, Mr. Smith. I ain’t gonna call you a doctor. You don’t deserve that title. You didn’t earn it. You never even went to a  university. In fact, you were never even born. ”


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