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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

( I will try my best to avoid spoilers as I babble about it.)

Here’s the thing! I am absolutely in love with this show and it’s characters. Have you heard of it? If yes, well and good. If no, kindly allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer a.k.a  Buffyverse.

Have you ever wondered what Joss Whedon did before creating gems like The Avengers or Agents of the SHIELD.No?

He worked on TV shows like Buffy (and some other shows which I don’t know and I am too lazy to google them right now. I should make a point to check them out, maybe they are as awesome as Buffy is).  So what is this show about? It’s about a girl who is destined to fight vampires, demons and all other sorts of evil.She is the slayer who possesses  super-strength( kind of a superpower). But the slayer needs more than just super-strength to fight evil, her friends.

Now if you are wondering if it’s like one of those cheesy vampire stories, let me tell you that it’s not.

Yes it has romance that involves vampires but Buffy is much more than that.  It has a good story line, deep characters and romance is not the central theme. It just happens to be there because people fall in love when they live their lives. Also vampires are considered evil and the entire motive of having a slayer is to fight them. Fighting other demons is an added task that the slayer just can not avoid.

Why I love this show?
Well, there are many reasons. But I would like to point out a few.

  1. The Plot


    Like I said, the show has a great story line. Every season ends in an apocalypse that Buffy and the gang( known as  the  Scooby gang) has to fight. But you never get tired of it. It just gets better and better.

  2. The Characters


    Whether it’s Cordelia(the mean girl  at high school) or Anya( an ex demon) or Tara( a lesbian witch), I can never get enough of Buffy’s characters. They are simply beautiful. Although I think the show has a fatal flow when it comes to some of its characters, like Xander and Willow. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits but I hate it when they (especially Xander) just lash out on Buffy whenever she makes a mistake.It doesn’t happen always, but I feel like being her friends,their job is to understand  and not judge. And the worst part is ,it’s not same for them .They get away with almost anything with minimal judgement.

  3. The Relationships

    Xander and Anya

    I love how the relationships are portrayed in the show. (Saying more than that will spoil the show for you, so if you plan to watch it skip this point).I like how Willow’s transition from a straight- witch -dating -a -werewolf to a lesbian-witch-dating-another-witch is taken so lightly. They show a teeny-tiny bit of  surprise but that’s it. No judgement, nothing.

    My favorite couples from the show: Tara-WIllow, Xander-Anya

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  4.  Strong Themes


    It’s a show with a kick-ass female lead , lesbian witches and demons that are not always bad. Needless to say that  it has strong themes.

  5. Once More With Feeling

    It must be bunnies!

    As if everything else was not enough, the show has a musical episode( it is called Once More With Feeling) where the actors really sing. This is my favorite episode on this show and I think everyone who has seen it will agree with me. It’s just perfect. Whether is Anya’s It must be bunnies or Spike’s Rest in peace, the episode has a variety of songs that I cant help but love.

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