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Being an INFP

So I took Myers & Briggs personality test this time and I got INFP. Surprise much?

 I/E-the first letter indicates the source of a person’s energy- Introverted or Extroverted(I/E).
N/S -the second letter indicates how you receive information. Sense it from the outer world(S)? Or are you intuitive and take it out of your imagination(N).
F/T- the third letter indicates how you process information and make decisions, i.e. by logical thinking(T) or feeling(F).
 P/J- the fourth letter indicates how you implement that information.  Judging preference means that you want things to be neat, orderly and established. The Perceiving,  prefer things to be more flexible and spontaneous. 

For those of you who aren’t aware of this, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) categorizes your personality into one of sixteen types. These types determine how you perceive the world around you, where you get your energy from and how you make your decisions.

I mean, could it even work? Categorizing millions and billions of people in such a small number of categories? I didn’t think so.

But I was in for a big surprise! It felt as if all the personality traits and the dozens of the INFP articles were written about me. I went through a whole lot of them and I could relate so well to all of it… maybe not all but 98% of it if we are being honest. But still, it was a big realization for me. I used to ask myself why, and now I had answers. And it was a big relief to know that there were others like me with messy heads and heavy hearts.

I used to curse myself for being this way, for being so sensitive and for being driven by feelings rather than reason. I used to wonder why I overthink everything so much that my head is always running with so many thoughts, thoughts that just drive me insane.

That’s why I write, you know, to make sense of it all. Once I have put it down in writing, it somehow seems more organized and I am able to grasp a fraction of it.
Oh and don’t even get me started on being organized. My thoughts are so disoriented, that I always have to keep my surroundings in place. So that I can focus.So that I can breathe. Everything inside me is so jumbled up, the least I can do is sort out the exterior.
Oh, the struggle is real.
But there are so many positives of being an INFP too. I may wanna rip my heart out at times, but I like the fact that I feel everything so deeply. I like the way my jumbled up thoughts look once I have put them down on the paper. And  I like how I see the world, even though I m trapped in my fantasies most of the time. I like how I am able to relate so deeply to a character in a book or a metaphor in a poem.
How else would I be able to write?

Because this is who I am. For a person like me, there is no point in living if I don’t feel it with all that I have.  And I may be glorifying things here, but hey that’s just another thing we INFPs do.

So take this test guys! It could be a waste of time, or it may help you in accepting yourselves and make peace with who you are. What have you got to lose?
Just go ahead and take it. Let me know about your experience in the comments section below..

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