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About Me


Hello there!
I wonder what led you here! If it was my book, then you already know enough.
If it was a friend , well I can never thank them enough now, can I?
I like to write and I am an avid reader too. My favorite genre is fantasy  and I have tried my hand at writing it( on wattpad). I would love to write other genres too if I ever can. They don’t come to me as naturally as fantasy does. Contrary to that, I can read anything and everything as long as the story interests me.
I have been trying to write my book for two years now And just when I had thought that I have finished my novel, the critic inside me decided that it’s not good enough . I have been trying to revise it ever since. I have discovered that revision is in fact more difficult than writing  the story for the first time.  What can I say, I have been suffering from the infamous Writer’s Block.( As quoted by my friend  Tulika . Follow her, she has got some amazing content on her blog.)

So finally I decided to get a blog of my own, so that I can develop a regular habit of writing. And here we are. I will be blogging about books, TV shows  and a bit of my life. (Basically,anything that catches my attention.). Feel free to give suggestions and feedback.I welcome any kind of criticism.

Oh and in case you want to read my book, here’s a link: At The Edge

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