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A court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Mass

“To the stars that listen and the dreams that are answered”
~ A Court of Wings and Ruin

I just finished reading the book 3 in Acotar series.

So before I attempt to review this let me just say I loved this book almost as much as Acomaf with an exception of last 200 pages.

The book starts with Feyre being back at the Spring Court trying to find out what Hybern plans to do next with Tamlin as it’s new Ally
From there, it follows a series of twists and turns, that I can’t even. Some I didn’t see coming but really admired. I was left gasping and sighing at those.
But some just seemed too convinient and I felt like the story would have been better off without them, more realistic. And the more I think about them, the more it bothers me. I also didn’t like the sex scenes in the book a lot and they just seem to ruin the chemistry that characters had already going on.

But I just love the characters so much that I kept going. Here’s what I liked.

We get more time with the side characters.The inner circle remains as charming as ever.And I grew fond of Nesta by the time this ended which says something about the character development because I hated her before.
And there is a character like Tamlin that I liked at the beginning in the book 1 and then hated for the major part of the series and then I don’t know… I wouldn’t say liked him again but I understood.
That isn’t to say that he doesn’t need some real therapy or the high fae equivalent of it

The ending to the story was really something.Leave it to Rhys and Feyre to add an entirely different dimension to getting matching tattoos. And don’t even get me started on Nesta and Cassian, I am just glad that there is another book coming out on those two.

Also , what of Elain? I found myself shipping her more with Az than Lucien, which is painful because they are two of my favourite characters!!

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