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A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass

Okay. I just finished this book and I am too overwhelmed to do this!
What just happened!
This has to be my favourite beauty and the beast retelling ever.
The story is about a huntress who kills a wolf during one of her hunts. The wolf that turns out to be faerie. And in exchange for the life she took, she has to give her own life either by dying or spending remainder of her days in the wild lands that the faeries inhabit.
I just loved the premise and everything about this story. The writing is just so beautiful.
Along with the fantasy elements, it also carries a certain mystery to be solved that kept me hooked throughout. Though a little slow, I did not mind the pace at which it moved . I felt it was essential to the story, giving the readers time to to get to know the characters. It didn’t make me question their actions later because I understood every bit of why they did what they did.
And I adored all the characters. Along with our huntress Feyre, Lucian and Rhys are my favourites.
And honestly, I didn’t hate Tamlin at all. Sure he isn’t my favourite but I liked his character and I understood everything that he did(Maybe wait for the book 2?).
And the ending, oh my god! It was so heartbreaking, yet so beautiful. It had me cursing and clutching my heart throughout.
I can’t wait to read rest of the series and delve more into this world. I am going to be obsessed with it for a while.

My rating : 4.5*

Image source : My Bookstagram

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